The Yalong Bay Yacht Club pays meticulous attention to every detail and advocates the more pleasant and comfortable yacht lifestyle.

As a member, you can enjoy the high-end tailor-made experience. According to the preferences of members,
and on the basis of international high-end service experience,
the Yalong Bay Yacht Club provides members with considerate and comprehensive “private Butler” services.

With only one phone, The exclusive member butlers provide tailor-made journey and exclusive unique features for you according to your needs:

  • for you according
    to your needs:
  • Design personalized
    navigation journey
  • Select secret angling places with
    abundant rare and precious fish,
    with on-site seafood feast
    by chefs aboard
  • Enjoy pleasant outdoor
    SPA on a gorgeous island
  • Reserve 5-star hotel,
    top-class vehicles
    and private jet
  • 24-hour meal delivery
    service to yachts
  • Hold private parties
    and business gathering
  • Visit to overseas shipyards
    and participation in international
    competition events


The exclusive services enjoyed by the members of Yalong Bay Yacht Club are not restricted to the yacht club.
You can enjoy the exclusive member services whether you are staying at St. Regis Resort, MGM, Pullman,
Cactus Resort under COFCO, or make reservations at the five-star hotels, golf clubs etc. at Yalong Bay.
In addition, a number of five-star hotels at Yalong Bay also provide catering,
banquet hall, SPA, and laundry services for the members of the yacht club,
as well as 24-hour meal delivery services to yachts.
The members can also take advantage of the fitness room and swimming pools at St. Regis, MGM etc.

Through the prowess of COFCO and the overseas advantages of the international management team,
its members can also enjoy the same membership benefits at other high-end clubs and yacht clubs both at home and abroad.

Become a distinguished member of Yalong Bay Yacht Club to enjoy the sunshine, beach,
waves and gentle sea breeze,to climb the deck and set sail and initiate the luxury yacht lifestyle.
The professional team here offers tailor-made seagoing experience and yacht parties,
business gathering and marriage at sea, as befit your status.
The deep-sea angling reflecting your status and the unique team training provide room for you to gallop through the boundless sea.